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We specialise in fibre optics & telecommunications training.

Help your business grow – upskill your staff to increase sales, improve credibility and decrease support time.
We don't lecture, we teach from experience.

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Andy Edwards, Comms Learning

Training & Education Services

Tailored job specific training & education programmes delivered in the most engaging format:

Our courses are for:

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Comms Learning Public Courses

Public Courses

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Delivered in a fun and interactive manner, our instructor led public courses are delivered to small groups allowing individuals to gain the knowledge and practical skills required

Whether you are looking for a non technical explanation of the world of modern telecommunications, a hands on fusion splicing workshop or a deep understanding of TCP/IP traffic shaping, we have a course to suit you.

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Comms Learning Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Management - Understand the telco jargon that surrounds your business
  • Engineers - Update industry knowledge & skills using the latest tools & equipment
  • Sales & Marketing - Increase conversion of technical product leads into orders
  • Technicians - Optimally configure, install and test the latest ICT solutions
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What our Clients Say

We are an internationally-based team of experts specialised in ICT and Telecommunications. We deliver timely and relevant training course content to a broad range of clients around the World spanning the banking, retail, utilities, telco, military, airline, technology and media industries. This year, we turn 14 years old and have had an office in New Zealand for 11 years. Our hands-on, instructor led training continues to deliver results for, and to get great reviews from our many large customers.

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  Andy’s infectious enthusiasm and ability to engage the guys in the challenging Fibre Optics Technician course content has resulted in two key outcomes. They really ‘got’ what he was saying which has translated into greater confidence on the job. Our clients now have the peace of mind and reassurance that they will have a high quality network installed that will stand the test of time”.

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