Project Description


The joint Defence Forces in both Australia and New Zealand provide a critical role to the protection of primary industries such as fishing, provide relief aid in times of disaster and play a crucial part in the forces working around the globe to keep peace. Communications is absolutely critical to their operations, and keeping aware of new developments has never been more challenging.

The Need:

The senior officers responsible for strategy and decision making required a telecommunications technology and market update course to be delivered annually, to keep the leaders in the Communications and Signalling sections up to date with what is going on in the commercial ICT industry. The course needed to cover market trends, competitive analysis plus new and upcoming technologies and developments, so that they could be narrowed down and potentially assessed for military use.


CommsLearning designed a customised 5 day course for the ADF/NZDF based on exact requirements agreed with the client. They requested particular technologies to be focused on and how they relate to the different military telecommunications systems. The course, named “Technology Systems Update”, covered subjects such as an AUS or NZ Telecommunications market update and discussions around recent developments and trends, new technologies such as “New SDH, Metro Ethernet & 3rd Generation Mobile networks”, new applications such as BlackBerry and VPN’s, and included an organised tour of a commercial installation (such as the “Southern Cross” cable landing station in NZ). This became an ongoing program of work, and these courses have been successfully delivered for 6 years now, at various locations around the countries.


This program allowed the Senior Officers of the joint forces to be aware of what is happening in the commercial sector and allowed them to be aware of what technologies could be applied to the military and their own telecommunications networks (e.g. VoIP). Communications and being able to respond quickly is one of the key factors in the Defence Force being effective, and this course allowed them to plan for the next new technology.

“CommsLearning showed a high level of professionalism and knowledgeable instruction. They catered excellently to the multi-levels of knowledge and experience in the group. The coverage of a broad range of topics and the depth discussed made it easy to understand the latest technology and to put it all together to understand the bigger picture.”

– Joint Forces Feedback –