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We first hired CommsLearning in 2013 to address some technical training needs unique to our market in Papua New Guinea. Technical training can often be a tedious exercise for delegates, however what was delivered was fresh, relevant, tailored to our products and highly interactive. This was a bespoke training solution that was crafted to meet specific gaps in our performance as a business and it was a good fit for technical and non technical audiences alike. This course – now known as the ABC’s of Telco – has become a key part of our on-boarding process.

We received an immediate return on our investment and as such have since engaged CommsLearning in Papua New Guinea and across the Pacific on several more occasions. What continues to separate this company is how they execute their learning plan, on time and in budget. Their Director of Learning Andrew Edwards is always focused on ensuring that every course is evaluated in the moment and also that new skills and knowledge is applied when the trainee returns to work.

Joseph Hayes · HR Manager, Digicel PNG
“When I started working at Unison Networks, the company was rapidly deploying a fibre optic network around Hawke’s Bay and the Central Region. The network utilises the company’s existing overhead power line infrastructure and as such Unison lines mechanics were heavily involved in its deployment.
I engaged CommsLearning to tailor a fibre optic fundamentals course based on our network and to deliver this to all field staff involved with the fibre roll-out. The course provided the guys with all the relevant health and safety information to safely work with fibre cables. It gave them an invaluable insight as to what the stuff does and how to deploy it without damaging it. This helped drive a wider message to the staff and enthusiasm for the network grew. We experienced fewer installation faults and the productivity of crews increased, this of course helped our bottom line.
As Operations Manager for the fibre teams, I was struggling to find applicable vocational qualifications to up skill my fibre technicians and installers. The ESITO Telecommunications Technician course was expensive and as was aimed more at copper jointers. CommsLearning provided the solution.
Andy travelled down to Unisons Centre of Excellence in Napier at EIT and delivered the Fibre Optic Association qualification course CFOT to the guys. Andy’s ability to engage his students and his infectious enthusiasm for the subject helped all of my team plough their way through the challenging course material to attain their Certified Fibre Optic Technician qualification. This in turn has given our customers greater confidence in our ability to deliver a quality network that will stand the test of time.
I look forward to the next suit of courses that will take my staff competency to the next level.”
James Buckley · Fiber Operations Manager, Unison Contracting Services
Our unit decided it would be a good idea to have a “catch-up” session on how technology is unfolding in the private sector. What the trends are and an update on fibre provisioning. We were interested in hearing about where the carriers were taking their core technologies.
Andy from CommsLearning NZ met with us over coffee and we quickly put together a snapshot of what topics might be covered for a two day programme. The details were promptly confirmed and dates set. Andy delivered the material himself and it was exactly what we were looking for. The level was always right because Andy’s knowledge on the subjects covered is such that he can present at a higher level and drop down to the very technical when the questions arise.

Overall and excellent package at an excellent price. We will be planning to have another session in the next 6-8 months!

Jon Haulter · Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF Air CIS


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