Project Description


SONY New Zealand is one of the primary names in the Audio Visual world. In New Zealand, they have a dominant position in the market, supplying to major retail chains and to the AV, TV and Film industry directly. Education and development of staff is seen as key to their ongoing success

The Need:

Recently, SONY had found their sales declining, but not just that, they were starting to lose market share. It seemed that the sales cycle was getting longer, and sales staff were often having to make more than one sales call for the same requirement. Something needed to change as this amount of loss could not be sustained.


CommsLearning put together a 2 day “Sales Performance Improvement” program that was facilitated face to face across three sales teams in 3 sessions. The course taught new attitudes, new skills and a new understanding of how to work with clients. It introduced a unique selling system that enables sales (and marketing) people to apply the specific skills and techniques needed to effectively practice an integrity-based, solution-focused, interaction with clients. Attendees were reminded that their clients are unique and have different needs and priorities. Understanding the perception of others is critical to improving sales performance.


This program showed the sales and marketing teams how to make each client interaction more effective and taught proven ways to make the entire sales process a positive and productive experience. Sales people learned how to recognise different customer “types”, and now know what each type of customer expects from them. They also learned how others perceived them, and recognised ways of “flexing” their own behaviour to accommodate others’ needs. At the 6 week follow up, the team members admitted being able to move deals faster by recognising a customers needs sooner, which was having the effect of keeping the competition out.