Project Description


TelstraClear is one of the major players in the fixed line Voice and Broadband Market in New Zealand. They have offices in all the major towns and a solid customer base served from PSTN, ISDN and A-DSL lines. With the recent build of more fibre optic links and a new high speed packet backbone, it was time to get customers onto the new services with enhanced features and benefits to both the customer and TelstraClear.

The Need:

CommsLearning was asked to work with the Product Manager to build a training program that could be rolled out to three audiences; Internal Sales, Field Sales and Technology in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch. The program’s aims were:

  • To ensure the audience understood the reasons why IP Voice services were the way forward
  • To ensure understanding of the language and abbreviations behind IP Voice
  • Give the knowledge and tools to the audience, supported by other internal collateral, to effectively communicate the benefits of the solution to the customer.
  • Clearly position IP Voice as a fundamental part of the solution portfolio, and to clarify any reservations or concerns the audience had.

The production timescale of one month, the duration of the training was to be 2 hours, and 3 versions were to be created for rollout in 4 locations, with multiple deliveries on some days. CommsLearning worked closely with TelstraClear, meeting the Sales Coach, Product Manager, Market Manager and a host of other key people to ensure everyones needs were met. We reviewed internal collateral (intranet, customer documentation etc) to ensure consistency and accuracy, piloted the session on the key stakeholders and then delivered on time and on budget.

As always, the design of the course focused on the achievement of the business objectives, using experience and a variety of techniques to bring the subject to life for the different audiences.


The training was well received, the intranet and collateral was updated, communication lines opened up between sales, marketing and delivery teams, and feedback indicated that sales of the IPVoice and IPGateway products increased significantly in a very short space of time. Sales people were confident proposing IP Voice over legacy ISDN, they understood the different SIP Trunking / PABX combinations, which access lines they could be offered over,  and now, due to the increased sales volumes, the new core network is being utilised with new features are being added to the products every quarter, enhancing the customer experience.